Unimaths Intro Workbook assists in the transition from high school to first year university
mathematics. During this transition, South African students are subjected to a steep learning curve
which results in many being forced to repeat a year or, worse, drop out.

The Unimaths approach is to target the shock of this transition. It must be pointed out that this is
not the only factor contributing to the issue, time management and work load being others, but it is
widely accepted as being the root cause of the current, unacceptably high rate of attrition.

To address this shock factor, Unimaths Intro provides the soon-to-be student with a gentle
introduction to the foundations of first year university mathematics. This is achieved over 15, easy to
digest lessons, each taking approximately 2 hours to complete. The workbook is presented in a
self-study format and can easily be completed within two weeks or spread out over a whole year.
Unimaths Intro also contains

After having worked through Unimaths Intro, the shock of being introduced to unfamiliar ideas and
symbols is instead replaced with familiarity, giving the student a good start to a challenging year.